मञ्जुरामायणम् – 5

अपि भानुकुलं सनातनं कलयन्ती तमसा तिरस्कृतम् ।
जननीति ममेयमुत्थिता सहसा काचन कालयामिनी ।।

api bhānukulaṁ sanātanaṁ kalayantī tamasā tiraskṛtām|
jananīti mameyamutthitā sahasā kacana kālayāminī||

काचन कालयामिनी = One Kala raatri
सहसा = Suddenly
उत्थिता = sprang up
ममेयम् जननीति (इव) = in the form of my mother
तिरस्कृतम् = covered
तमसा = by darkeness
कलयन्ती = to destroy
सनातनं = ancient
भानुकुलं = solar dynasty

Bharatha after reaching to Ayodhya from his uncle’s place, heard the
news of the death of Dasaratha and the departure of Rama to forest.
And also he heard about the two boons, asked by his mother.

Then he says, (bharata cried) “one kAlarAtrI suddenly sprang up in
the form of my mother to envelope in darkeness, the ancient clan of
the sun - Suryavamsa.

Note: In the end of each kalpa the last night is called kAlarAtrI. It
is said to swallow the sun, along with the earth. Even the kAlarAtrI
can swallow only one sun, but here It seems to have destroyed the
entire clan of Sun.

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