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इदमन्धं तमः कृत्स्नं जायेत भुवनत्रयं।
यदि शब्दाह्वयं ज्योतिः आसंसारं न दीप्यते॥

idamandhaṁ tamaḥ kṛtsnaṁ jāyeta bhuvanatrayam
yadi śabdāhvayaṁ jyotiḥ āsaṁsāraṁ na dīpyate

The three worlds would surely be in a blinding darkness, if the luminosity of word does not light the universe.

Sanskrit is one of the ancient languages with an extensive collection of literature, topics ranging from philosophy to romance, didactic to civics, geography to art. Our aim is to bring out some of the wonderful gems that lie hidden in the numerous Sanskrit texts.


P. R. Gayathri
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Visalakshi Sankaran
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G. Karunakaran
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G. Kannan
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The four of us met for the first time when we entered University of Madras in 1996, with a view to do graduate studies in Sanskrit. We have had illustrious teachers like Dr. N. Veezhinathan to guide us thro' our studies majoring in Vedanta. We have also tried to learn a bit of grammar from Dr. V. Abiramasundaram, RKM Vivekananda College. Our association has continued even after completion of M.A and has prompted us to start this blog.