वैराग्यपञ्चकम् - 6

नास्ति पित्रार्जितं किञ्चिन्न मया किञ्चिदार्जितम्।
अस्ति मे हस्तिशैलाग्रे वस्तु पैतामहं धनम्॥

 पित्रा = by father, आर्जितं = earned, किञ्चित् = little, नास्ति = not, मया = by me, किञ्चित् = a little, आर्जितं = earned, न=not, हस्तिशैलाग्रे = at the top of the mountain called hasthigiri, वस्तु = property, पैतामहं = earned by forefathers (brahma), धनम् = wealth , मे = for me, अस्ति = is there.

I have neither earned anything nor do I possess any ancestral wealth earned by my father. Yet, I have a great treasure which was earned by my forefathers, which is that Supreme entity residing at the top of the hastigiri – Lord Varadaraja.

I have only tried to give a very brief outline about वैराग्यपञ्चकम्. Pondering deeply on these slokas, one can unearth a wealth of knowledge. Life's lessons are best taught thro' brevity of expression.

This small set of slokas has been rendered by Srimad Andavan Sri Ranganatha Divyamani Padhuka Sevaka Sri RangaRamanuja Maha Desikan.

वैराग्यपञ्चकम् - 5

शरीरपतनावधि प्रभुनिषेवणापादनात् अबिन्धनधनञ्जय प्रशमदं धनं दन्धनम्।
धनञ्जयविवर्धनं धनमुदूढगोवर्धनं सुसाधनम्बाधनं सुमनसां समाराधनम्॥

अप् इन्धन = fuel of water धनञ्जय= abdominal प्रशमदम् = quenches,धनम् =wealth शरीर पतन अवधि = till the death प्रभुनिषेवण अपादनात् =by saluting the kings/masters दन्धनम् =not use(useless) विवर्धनम् =supported,धनञ्जय=Arjuna उदूढगोवर्धनं=one who lifted the govardhan mountain, सुमनसां=by noble minded, समाराधनम्=which gives happiness सुसाधनम्=good instrument अबाधनम् =cannot be destroyed(imperishable) धनम्=wealth

The wealth acquired through lifelong service to lord, which quenches the abdominal fire fueled by water is useless. But the wealth which supported Arjuna, which lifted the mountain – Govardhan, which is easily attained and is easily worshiped by the noble minded people is the one that is imperishable.

Desika shows the difference between material prosperity and spiritual felicity. The supreme goal that everybody should strive for is the Lord Krishna himself which the imperishable wealth.