केनाभ्यसूया पदकाङ्क्षिणा ते नितान्तदीर्घैर्जनिता तपोभिः ।
यावद्भवत्याहितसायकस्य मत्कार्मुकस्यास्य निदेशवर्ती ।। (3, 4)

kenābhyasūyā padakāṅkṣiṇā te nitāntadīrghairjanitā tapobhiḥ|
yāvadbhavati āhitasāyakasya matkārmukasyāsya nideśavartī||

तारकासुरस्य पीडाम् असह्यमानाः देवाः ब्रह्मदेवस्य समीपं जग्मुः। सोऽपि ब्रह्मदेवः, ‘शिवपार्वत्योः तनयः कुमारः एव तम् असुरं हनिष्यति’ इत्युवाच। ततः, सदा तपसि आसक्तस्य परमशिवस्य मनः तपसः बहिः आनयनार्थं, मन्मथः देवैः आहूतः। मन्मथस्तु इन्द्रः महेन्द्रपदवीं रक्षणायैव आत्मानम् आहूतवानिति मत्वा – ‘हे राजन् यः तपसा भवतः पदवीं लब्धुम् इच्छति सः इदानीमेव मम बाणस्य लक्ष्यं भविष्यति ‘ इत्यवदत् ।

The above verse is from the third canto of the mahAkavyam kumArasabhavam written by mahAkavi kAlidAsa.

The story of kumArasambhavam is: pArvatI, by doing severe penance, marries lord shiva. To them was born kumara or subrahmanya, who destroys the asura tAraka and releases the devas from his tortures.

The context here is: The devas, unable to bear the torture of tAraka, seek brahmas help to save them. Brahma replied that kumara, who will be born to siva and pAravtI, can only destroy the asura. But siva is completely involved in meditation and he is totally disinterested in pArvatI. So in order to bring him out of meditation indra calls manmatha or cupid. But manmatha, unaware of the situation, thinks that indra called him to protect his kingship and says –‘Oh! indra tell me who is desire of taking your position by performing severe penance. With the help of my bow and arrow I will stop his penance and make him a slave of love.’

पद-काङ्क्षिणा- one who desires to take your place, केन – by whom, नितान्त-दीर्घैः- prolonged, तपोभिः- by the penances, ते – for you, अभ्यसूया - jealous, जनिता- occurred, आहित-सायकस्य – that which is ready with an arrow, अस्य-मत्कार्मुकस्य- my bows, निदेश-वर्ती- aim, यावत् भवति – he will become.

Manmatha or the god of love has a bow made of sugarcane and has five arrow of flowers. Whenever a rishi, rAkshasa or whoever does a severe penance, their penance and meditation will be disturbed by the devas by sending manmatha. But here, when manmatha hits shiva with his arrow of flowers, immediately the next moment manmatha was turned into ashes by the mere sight of shiva.

A person strong at heart cannot be disturbed by anything or anybody and it is the mind that controls the sense organs.


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