शास्त्रं वदति-16

Saastram speaks – 16

चतुर्थे मासि कर्तव्यं शिशोर्निष्क्रमणं गृहात् ।
षष्ठे अन्नप्राशनं मासि यद्वा इष्टं मङ्गलं कुले ।। (2, 34)

caturthe māsi kartavyaṁ śiśorniśkramaṇaṁ gṛhāt|
ṣaṣṭhe annaprāśanaṁ māsi yadvā iṣṭhaṁ maṅgalaṁ kule||

The above sloka is from the second chapter of manu smriti.

A Child should be taken out of the house only during the fourth month from the day of the birth. On the sixth month the annaprAshana or the first feeding of rice should be done. Any other auspicious ceremony can be conducted optionally according to one’s family custom.

गृहात् – from the house, शिशोर्निष्क्रमणं – child can leave or taken out, चतुर्थे – fourth, मासि- month, कर्तव्यं – should be done.
षष्ठे – sixth, मासि – month, अन्नप्राशनं – first feeding of rice. यद्वा – optionally, मङ्गलं –auspicious things can be done , इष्टं कुले – according to the family custom.

p.s. On those days children are delivered at home.

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