श्लोकोऽयं मह्यं रोचते – 14

औत्सुक्यमात्रमवसाययति प्रतिष्ठा
क्लिश्नाति लब्धपरिपालनवृत्तिरेवम्।
नातिश्रमापनयनाय न च श्रमाय

राज्यं स्वहस्तधृतदण्डमिवातपत्रम् ।।
(अभिज्ञानशाकुन्तलम् (5, 6))

autsukyamātramavasāyayati pratiṣṭhā
kliśnāti labdhaparipālanavṛttirevam
nātiśramāpanayanāya na ca śramāya
rājyaṁ svahastadhṛtadaṇḍamivātapatram
(abhijñānaśākuntalam - 5 - 6)

The above verse is from the fifth act sixth verse of the drama ‘abhignAna sAkuntalam’ of kAlidAsa. These are the words of king Dushyanta-
The attainment of royal power simply removes the longing for it. The task of maintaining what has been achieved is difficult. Attainment of Kingship, neither removes the worry nor cause worry. An analogy is furnished for the same. Kingship is like an umbrella whose handle is held by one with his own hand conduces neither much to the removal of hardship nor to hardship.

प्रतिष्ठा- status or power, अवसाययति-removes or reduces, औत्सुक्यमात्रम् – only the excitement, लब्धपरिपालनवृत्तिः – maintenance of what has been achieved , एवं क्लिश्नाति- is taxing, राज्यं – kingship, न अतिश्रम अपनयनाय- Is not for removing worry, न च श्रमाय – Not for causing worry, (kingship is like) स्वहस्तधृतदण्डमिवातपत्रम् – Like an umbrella whose handle is held by oneself.

It is difficult to maintain the status or fame that is attained. To explain this verse with a current example- A.R. Rahman might have had the excitement till he received the oscars and now he has to maintain his standard. Hence, the award received by him neither removes the worry nor causes him worry. Only his anxiety level is reduced.

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sittingathome said...

the parallel is very good.And we can rightly infer that ARR is the 'King' of Music