भ्रूभङ्गमासाद्य मुनीश्वरस्य चापस्य भङ्गं मनसा विभाव्य ।
उत्पत्य शीघ्रं रघुवंशनाथः हस्तेन जग्राह पुरारिचापम् ।।

आसाद्य = receiving
मुनीश्वरस्य = Sage Visvaamitra's
भ्रूभङ्गम् = the indication of brow
रघुवंशनाथः = best among raghus-Rama
मनसा = with mind (in his mind)
विभाव्य = thought
चापस्य = bow's
भङ्गं= breaking
शीघ्रं= quickly
उत्पत्य = got up(jumped)
जग्राह= took.
पुरारिचापम् = Bow of Parameshvara
हस्तेन= by his hand

After understanding the indication of the sage Visvamitara through his eyebrow movement, Rama, who is lord of the raghu dynasty, decided to break the bow of Shiva. He swiftly got up and held the bow.


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