श्लोकोऽयं मह्यं रोचते – 18

कीर्तिं भैमीं वरं चास्मै दातुमेवागमन्नमी ।
न लीढे धीर वैदग्धीं धीरगम्भीरगाहिनी।। (17, 134)

kīrtiṁ bhamīṁ varaṁ cāsmai dātumevāgamannamī|
na līḍhe dhīra vaidagdhīṁ dhīragambhiragāhinī||

नलः भैमीं कामयमानोऽपि देवाद्यर्थं दूत्यं अकरोत्। एवं विधोऽतिधीरः कोपि नास्तीति यशः, दमयन्तीमिति द्वौ वरौ ऩलाय दातुमेव देवाः स्वयंवरं अगच्छन्, न तु भैमीं वरितुम्। कलिः तु इमं विषयं न वेत्ति, यतः, येषां गम्भीरार्थग्राहिणी न भवति तादृश मूढानां बुद्धिः महाशयानां चातुरीं न वेत्ति।

The above sloka is from the seventeenth canto and 134th verse of NaishadIya charitam of srI Harsha.
The context here is: The devas- indra, agni, Yama and VaruNa were returning from the swayamvara of DamayantI. On their way they met kali, who disdainfully announces his desire towards Damayanti. But the devas said that DamayantI has already chosen nala, ignoring the rests. Unable to tolerate the news, kali burst out in anger, abusing the devas and nala.
On hearing the ludicrous rant of kali, goddess saraswati says these words- ‘The devas went to the swayamvara not with the intention of marrying DamayantI. But, only to bless DamayantI and nala and also to give them fame and happiness.
The goddess saraswatI says that the
'The actions or the intentions of an intellectual can be understood only by a discerning individual.’

अमी –The devas, आगमन् – came ,एव- only , दातुम्- to give, कीर्तिं- fame, भैमीं- DamyantI, च- and, वरं- boon, अस्मै-to nala .
धीः – The mind,
अगम्भीर गाहिनी ( न गम्भीर गाहिनी) – that cannot understand real intentions, न लीढे- cannot comprehend,
वैदग्धीम्- The ideas , धीर- of great men.

On a personal note: This sloka is not only for kali, but it is also for the readers of naishadIya charitam. Because it is really difficult to understand the style of srI Harsha by reading it once. Usage of rare dhaatus in the slokas makes the reader refer the grammar texts.

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The text is very difficult and lots of courage is needed for even a mere attempt at reading it. Your effort is very commendable.