वैराग्यशतकम् - आशा - 9

अमीषां प्राणानां तुलितबिसिनीपत्रपयसां
कृते किं नास्माभिः विगलितविवेकैः व्यवसितम्।
यदाढ्यानामग्रे द्रविण-मद-निःसंज्ञमनसां
कृतं वीतव्रीडैः निजगुणकथापातकमपि॥

amīṣāṁ prāṇānāṁ tulitabisinīpatrapayasāṁ
kṛte kiṁ nāsmābhiḥ vigalitavivekaiḥ vyavasitam
yadāḍhyānāmagre draviṇa-mada-niḥsaṁjñamanasāṁ
kṛtaṁ vītavrīḍaiḥ nijaguṇakathāpātakamapi

Life which is constituted of the five prāṇas, is very fickle like the water on a lotus leaf. For such a transient thing, depraved of discrimation, what have we not done! Without any shame we have extolled our own merits in front of the wealthy whose minds are stupefied by pride of wealth.

According to scriptures self-glorification is considered a sin. Whether it is a sin or not, the point we need to understand is - it is useless talking about ourselves to people who do not care about anything else other than money.

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sittingathome said...

The verses are good.But there are so many boxes in the transliterated text.how should they be read? is it a standard code? or is it a bug?