शास्त्रं वदति -4

Saastram speaks -4

A person who learns veda should have a disciplined life. Dedication is needed to maintain the purity of veda. The following verse says that how a learner of veda should be -

शिखां पुण्ड्रञ्च सूत्रञ्च समयाचारमेव च ।
पूर्वैराचरितं कुर्यात् अन्यथा पतितो भवेत् ।।

śikhāṁ puṇḍrañca sūtrañca samayācārameva ca
pūrvairācaritaṁ kuryāt anyathā patito bhavet

शिखां - A Lock of hair, पुण्ड्रञ्च- sandal paste or vibhUti should be applied always on the forehead, सूत्रञ्च- sacred thread, च – and, समयाचारमेव – conventional practice, कुर्यात् – must do or follow, पूर्वैराचरितं – our ancestors, अन्यथा – otherwise, पतितो भवेत् – will fail.

p.s. this sloka is taken from the book ‘AchArya’s call’. This book has the discourses of kAnchi mahAswAmigal

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you guys are good. Hats off,as i am learning and enjoying all this without knowing sanskrit. thank you.