श्लोकोऽयं मह्यं रोचते - 11

एकैकस्यापि उपकारस्य प्राणान् दास्यामि ते कपे।
शेषस्य उपकाराणां भवाम ऋणिनो वयम् ।।

ekaikasyāpi upakārasya prāṇān dāsyāmi te kape
śeṣasya upakārāṇāṁ bhavāma ṛṇino vayam

The above verse is from ‘vAlmIki rAmAyaNam’.
The context is – The battle between rAMa and rAvaNa was over, rAma with his family and friends reached ayodhyA.
During the coronation ceremony rAma said this to HanumAn, ‘Hanuman, you have not only saved the life of sItA, but you have guarded the pride and respect of raghukula. The help rendered by you to raghukula cannot be re-paid even if I give my life. The whole family owes lot of gratitude to you.’

कपे – Hanuman,एकैकस्यापि- for every, उपकारस्य- help done by you,
दास्यामि – (I) give my, प्राणान्- Life, शेषस्य-for the remaining, उपकाराणां- of the help, वयम्- we (The whole of Raghukula), भवाम- will, ऋणिनो- owe gratitude, ते- to you.

Personal note: We might have heard this sloka at least hundred times from our Professor Dr. N. Veezhinathan. We owe a lot to our gurus.


Aarathi Sankaran said...

A very fitting reply to our teachers is -
एकैकस्यापि उपदेशस्य प्राणान् दास्यामि ते गुरो
शेषस्य उपकाराणां भवाम ऋणिनो वयम्॥

PRG said...

appadi podu ............