Saastram speaks -6
The following verse is from the ninth chapter of Manu smriti.

It says - A girl can remain in her father’s place or stay alone for her life time, if she did not get a suitable husband. The father should not give her to a man, who is devoid of good qualities.

काममामरणात् तिष्ठेत् कन्या ऋतुमत्यपि ।
न चैवैनां प्रयच्छेत्तु गुणहीनाय कर्हिचित् ।। (9- 89)

kāmamāmaraṇāt tiṣṭhet kanyā ṛtumatyapi
na caivaināṁ prayacchettu guṇahīnāya karhicit (9- 89)

कन्या – A Girl , ऋतुमत्यपि – Even after coming to a marriageable age, कामम् – according to her wish , आमरणात्- till the end of her life , तिष्ठेत् – remain.
च – and, न कर्हिचित् - never to , प्रयच्छेत्- give, एनां – her, गुणहीनाय – to a person devoid of good qualities,


  1. ramya said...
    I'm sure many people do not know this.Thanks.
    aravind said...
    साधुकरणे क्षम्यताम्
    कर्हित् कर्ह्यपि च कदापीत्यर्थे मन्ये
    अत्र न कर्हिचित् न कदापीति
    PRG said...
    भवता यत् उक्तं तत् सत्यम्। दोषाय क्षम्यताम्।

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