शास्त्रं वदति – 8

Saastram speaks – 8

The following sentence is from the sixth chapter, fourth brAhmaNa and seventeenth passage of ‘BrhadAraNyaka upanishad’.
It describes, that a couple, desirous to have a female child, may cook sesame and rice together and eat it along with ghee.
अथ च इच्छेत् दुहिता मे पण्डिता जायेत सर्वमायुरियादिति तिलौदनं पाचयित्वा सर्पिष्मन्तमश्नीयताम् (6, 4 ,17)

atha ca icchet duhitā me paṇḍitā jāyeta sarvamāyuriyāditi tilaudanaṁ pācayitvā sarpiṣmantam aśnīyatām
(6, 4 ,17)

We are aware of the rituals like ‘pumsavanam’ which is performed during the pregnancy period. The above ritual is also mentioned in our scriptures.
Female foeticide is a sad and heart breaking practice in our country where the scriptures quote a separate ritual to have a female child. Shamefully it prevails even in the educated group. The age old and stereotyped views are always quoted as one of the reasons for the female foeticide. I have not come across any scripture corroborating the same.

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