ओष्ठप्रभापटलविद्रुममुद्रिते ते
भ्रूवल्लिवीचिसुभगे मुखकान्तिसिन्धौ।
कामाक्षि वारिभरपूरणलम्बमान-
कालाम्बुवाहसरणिं लभते कटाक्षः॥ मूकपञ्चशती, कटाक्षशतकम्, श्लो 55॥

oṣṭhaprabhāpaṭalavidrumamudrite te
bhrūvallivīcisubhage mukhakāntisindhau
kāmākṣi vāribharapūraṇalambamāna-
kālāmbuvāhasaraṇiṁ labhate kaṭākṣaḥ mūkapañcaśatī - kaṭākṣa śatakam - 55

O kAmAkShI! lustre emanating from your face is like an ocean. Your lips are red like coral (present in the ocean). Your eyebrows are beautiful like the waves. Your kaTAkSha or grace is like a dark cloud that has come to drink from the ocean of your face.

Her eyes are dark hence the grace is also described as dark. A cloud is dark only when it is filled with water. In comparison, Her kaTakSha is dark because it is filled with karuNA that arises from her face which is a reflection of what she feels for her devotees.

The concept of kAmAkShI is very beautiful and endearing. She represents icchA shakti and kAma pITha.

कामाक्षी पदस्य तत्वस्य च केचन अर्थाः - some meanings of kAmAkShI
1. कामः अक्ष्णोः यस्याः One who has kAma, manmatha in her eyes. After manmatha was destroyed by Siva, pArvatI attracted Siva with love in her eyes. As a result, manmatha was reborn in Siva's mind and manmatha took over Siva thereby ultimately defeating Siva. Kanchi is known as शिवजित् क्षेत्रम् - the place where Siva was defeated.
2. कः - ब्रह्मा, अः - रुद्रः, मः - विष्णुः इति त्रयः देवाः यस्याः अक्षिभ्यः सम्भूताः From whose eyes brahma, rudra and viShNu came out, thus She becomes the reason for the world's origin, maintenance and dissolution.
3. का - सरस्वती, मा - लक्ष्मीः चेत्युभे अपि अक्षिणी यस्याः One who has her eyes as sarasvatI and lakShmI. kAmAkShI has sarasvatI and lakShmI as her attendants (सचामररमावाणी सव्यदक्षिणसेविता)

(The preface in tamizh to mUkapanchashatI by Shri S.V. Radhakrishna Shastri gives a detailed explanation of kAmAkShI, kAmakoTI and kAnchIkshetra)

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