मातृपञ्चकम् प्रस्तावः

‘मातृपञ्चकम्’ इति अस्मिन् पञ्चश्लोकाः सन्ति। एते श्लोकाः श्री आदिशङ्करभगवत्पादैः लिखिताः। सः बालावस्थायाम् एव मात्रा अनुमोदितः संन्यासाश्रमे प्राविशत्। संन्यासाश्रमे प्रविष्टोऽपि सः 'तव अन्तिमसंस्कारं मया निश्चयेन क्रियते' इति मातरि न्यवेदयत्।
“ब्रह्म सत्यं जगन्मिथ्या जीवो ब्रह्मैव नापरः” इति अद्वैतसिद्धान्तप्रतिष्ठापने स्वजीवनम् अयापयत् सः। सम्पूर्णं भारतदेशं गत्वा, बहूनि पुस्तकानि विलिख्य च स्वमतस्य स्थापनम् अन्यमतानां खण्डनं च अकरोत्। सः मातुः मरणावस्थायां स्वपुरीं काल़डीं प्रत्यगच्छत्। तदा, तेन शास्त्रानुसारेणैव मातुः अन्तिमसंस्कारं कृतम्। तस्मिन् समये एव मातुः नमस्काररूपेण इमान् श्लोकान् अरचयत्। अग्रिमलेखे श्लोकाः दृश्यन्ते -

'mAtr Panchakam - Introduction'

Adi Sankara, the great Advaita philosopher, was born at Kaaladi in Kerala. He lost his father at the age of five, and, when he was eight years of age, permitted by his mother, became a sanyasin. He promised his mother that he will perform her last rites.
Sankara experienced the ultimate reality and taught the truth of Vedanta which is not sectarian but universal. He said that ‘Moksa’ or ‘liberation’ is not an after death experience. Due to ‘avidyaa’ or ‘ignorance’ one does not realize the ultimate soul. And when ‘avidyaa’ is made to disappear the self-luminous nature of the 'Self' shines.
Sankara traveled all over the country for universal salvation. At the demise of his mother he reached Kaaladi. People over there opposed and said that, ‘Philosophy is not a way of life; but it is only a way of thought for Sankara’.

But, Saastra permits an ascetic to perform only the duty of lighting the pyre, if he is the only
son for his parents. Thus, Sankara fulfilled his promise without deluding the Saastra.

At this context Sankara offering salutations to his mother, wrote 'mAtr panchakam' or five slokas in praise of mother.
Slokas from the next post........


ammani said...

I find your explanations very interesting and intriguing. But I cannot read the script and would greatly appreciate if you could please explain what you have quoted.

PRG said...

Ammani ,
I have given the English version of What I wrote in sanskrit.'Samskrute likhamah' is the name of the site so to justify the name I write in sanskrit and to reach a wider audience (at least in future) I make a post in English too.This particular post is on the work 'maatr panchakam' or five slokas in praise of mother.Authored by Adi Sankara. I will start posting the slokas from the next entry.