श्लोकोऽयं मह्यं रोचते – 9

ऊरू करेण परिघट्टयतःसलीलं
दुर्योधनस्य पुरतोऽपहृताम्बरा या ।
दुःशासनेन कचकर्षणाभिमौलिः
सा द्रौपदी कथयत कः पुनः प्रदेशे ।। (वेणी संहारः – 6 – 35)

ūrū kareṇa parighaṭṭayataḥ salīlaṁ
duryodhanasya purato'pahṛtāmbarā yā
duḥśāsanena kacakarṣaṇābhimauliḥ
sā draupadī kathayata kaḥ punaḥ pradeśe (veṇīsaṁhāraḥ - 6 - 35)

The above verse is from the sixth or the last act of the drama ‘veNI samhAra’ of ‘Bhatta nArAyaNa’.
The plot is mainly taken from mahAbhArata. The play starts from the return of pAndavAs to Indraprastha after their 13 years of exile and Yudhishtira’s accession to throne after the Great War.
The title of the drama can be interpreted in three ways.वेण्याः संहारः – the tying up of the hair. (veNI means hair), वेण्या संहारं – Draupadi’s being dragged into the public, वेण्या हेतुभूतया संहारः – The veNI being the cause for the destruction of the kauravas.
In the above verse- BhIma, after killing Duryodhana and Dussasana, comes in search of Draupadi. He says, “Draupadi who was stripped of her garments in the presence of Duryodhana, while he lustily rubbed his thigh, and whose braid was loosened by Dussasana as he pulled her by the hair – Tell me in what place that same Draupadi is!”.

Arrogance and anger are the root-causes of the mahAbhArata war. It was the arrogance of Draupadi that made her laugh at Duryodhana, when the latter fell down. Taking revenge, Duryodhana and his brother insulted her which ended up in the kurukshetra war. Arrogance and anger can pull down a person to the level of an animal.


karunakaran said...

good gayathri good

ramya said...

Draupadi may have laughed out of arrogance.But is it not a spontaneous human reaction to laugh when someone falls? AFV actually thrives on this!!.Is her laughing at Duryodhan considered by scholars as one of the reasons for the war?pls educate me.

PRG said...

'Taking revenge, Duryodhana and his brother insulted her which ended up in the kurukshetra war'..........

PRG said...

The main reason for the kurukshetra war was- Duriyodhana's hatred and anger towards the pandavas and his desire to rule the kingdom. The other incidents were adding fuel to the fire.