शास्त्रं वदति -3

Saastram speaks- 3

Vedas are passed on from generations through guru-shishya parampara. Infact Vedas were never intended to be written down and read. It is learnt from the mouth of the guru and the students repeating after him. It is called as BhagavatI shruti (भगवती श्रुतिः) गुरुमुखात् श्रूयते इति श्रुतिः - It is called as shruti as it is heard from a guru. The following verse says the improper ways of learning Vedas.

गीती शीघ्री शिरःकम्पी तथा लिखितपाठकः।
अनर्थज्ञः अल्पकण्ठश्च षडेते पाठकाधमाः।।

gītī śīghrī śiraḥkampī tathā likhitapāṭhakaḥ
anarthajñaḥ alpakaṇṭhaśca ṣaḍete pāṭhakādhamāḥ

गीती -Reciting Vedas musically, शीघ्री - reciting very fast, शिरः कम्पी -Shaking the heads while reciting, लिखितपाठकः - learning from books, अनर्थज्ञः - reciting without knowing the meaning, अल्पकण्ठः - recites with a poor or a bad tone.
These are the six types of learners of Vedas who are considered as inferior scholars.

p.s. this sloka is taken from the book ‘AchArya’s call’. This book has the discourses of kAnchi mahAswAmigal.

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