ऋजु पश्यति यः सर्वं चक्षुषानुपिबन्निव।
आसीनमपि तूष्णीकम् अनुरज्यन्ति तं प्रजाः॥

ṛju paśyati yaḥ sarvaṁ cakṣuṣānupibanniva|
āsīnamapi tūṣṇīkam anurajyanti taṁ prajāḥ||

People become devoted to that person who looks at every thing with straight vision, as if drinking continuously with an eye, even if he sits in silence.

चक्षुषा अनुपिबन्निव – as if drinking continuously with an eye. He observes everything with such attention, that, it seems as if he drinks continuously with his eye.

प्रजाः – people
अनुरज्यन्ति – become devoted
तं – to him
यः – he who
पश्यति - sees
सर्वं – everything
ऋजु – with a straight vision
आसीनम् अपि – even when seated
तूष्णीकं – silent

{Taken from mahAbhArata/udyogaparva/prajAgaraparva/viduranIti/adhyAya 34/sl 22}


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