शास्त्रं वदति – 23

Saastram speaks -23

आचिनोति च शास्त्रार्थान् आचारे स्थापयत्यपि ।

स्वयम् आचरते यस्मात् तस्मादाचार्य उच्यते ॥

äcinoti ca çästrärthän äcäre sthäpayatyapi

svayam äcarate yasmät tasmädäcärya ucyate

The above verse says the lakshana for an aachaarya or preceptor.

He who teaches the meanings of the scriptures, puts them into practice himself, and establishes others in those aachaaras.

यः A teacher, शास्त्रार्थान् meanings of the scriptures , आचिनोति -imparts, अपि च and as well, आचारे स्थापयति- practice it, यस्मात्- from which, स्वयं- he himself , आचरते -follows, तस्मात् आचार्य उच्यते – only then he is called as aachaarya

p.s. this sloka is taken from the book ‘AchArya’s call’. This book has the discourses of kAnchi mahAswAmigal.

These are the various terms used for a teacher.

गुरुः गुं रुणद्धि - One who removes the ignorance which is like the darkness.

आचरते इति आचार्यः one who follows what he preaches.

अध्यापयति इति अध्यापकः one who teaches.

पाठयति इति पाठकः one who teaches.

शिक्षयति इति शिक्षकः - one who teaches.

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Saint Thyagaraja in one of his kritis describes Rama as Saketa Rama. Saketha, as i know, refers to the place Ayodhya.

Is there a root for this word Saketha? Can we bisect the word as sa + ketha , then what does ketha mean ?

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