श्लोकोऽयं मह्यं रोचते - 53


चोलकेरलपाण्ड्यानां पश्यन् अनुगतिं प्रभुः।
चकार पुनराधानं धर्म्यं हुतभुजामिव॥ (यादवाभ्युदयः 22-209)

colakeralapāṇḍyānāṁ paśyan anugatiṁ prabhuḥ|
cakāra punarādhānaṁ dharmyaṁ hutabhujāmiva|| (yādavābhyudayaḥ 22-209)

Satyaki saw the kings of chola, kerala and pandya follow his instructions and so, reestablished them on the throne as (subsidiary) kings, just as how the domestic fires of agnihotra are placed back after being followed thro' with vedic mantras.

yādavābhyudayaḥ is a kavya written by Sri Vedanta Desika. It is further enhanced by Sri Appayya Dikshita's commentary. In 24 cantos, the poet describes the story of Krishna from his birth to end. The context here is - after the killing of Shishupala, Krishna marries Bhama, brings her the parijata tree, kills Paundraka and Kashi king and starts discussions on digvijaya. This happens before the Kurukshetra war. All kings of yadu dynasty agree to Krishna's decision on sending Satyaki on the journey of conquest.

The slokas within this may seem very simple, yet, without Sri Appayya Dikshita's commentary it is difficult to understand some inner meanings. For eg, here the poet says 'धर्म्यं पुनराधानं' - according to dharma, satyaki reestablished the kings. What is that dharma? Commentary here - आश्रितसंरक्षणरूपत्वात् धर्मादनपेतं तेषां तत्तद्देशे पुर्निधानं चकार. The dharma here is 'protecting those who have surrendered'. This same dharma was followed by Rama when he reestablished Vibhishana as the king of Lanka.

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