शास्त्रं वदति – 24

Saastram speaks -24

पूर्वे वयसि तत् कुर्यात् येन वृद्धसुखं वसेत् ।

यावज्जीवेन तत् कुर्यात् येन प्रेत्य सुखं वसेत् ।। 58 विदुरनीतिः

pürve vayasi tat kuryät yena vèdhasukham vaset

yävajjévena tat kuryät yena pretya sukham vaset

Do that when you are young which may ensure a happy old age, and do that (good deed) during your whole life here which may enable you to live happily hereafter.

पूर्वे _ in earlier, वयसि – years, तत् कुर्यात् – do that ,येन- by which, वसेत् – live , वृद्धसुखं - during old age.

यावज्जीवेन- whole life ,तत् कुर्यात् – Do that, येन- by which, वसेत् – live, प्रेत्य सुखं – haapily after death.

According to our sanathana dharma it is believed that death does not mean destruction, but the existence of the soul continues elsewhere, where happiness or misery results according to one’s merits and de-merits performed in this world.

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