श्लोकोऽयं मह्यं रोचते -51


चूर्णिताशेषकौरव्यः क्षीबो दुःशासनासृजा ।

भङ्क्ता सुयोधनस्योर्वीर्भीमोऽयं शिरसाञ्चति॥

cürëitäçeñakouravyaù kçébo duççäsanasèjä

bhaìktä suyadhanasyorvérbhémoyam çirasäïcati

The above sloka is from the fifth act of the drama venisamhara of bhatta narayana.

The plot of the drama is taken from Mahabharata. The context here is: Bheema and arjuna salute dhritarashtra and gaandhari addressing them in insulting terms.

Bheema says: “ I am Bheema, the pounder of all the kauravas, who is intoxicated with the blood of Dussasana and who is to break the thigh of Duriyodhana. I offer my salutations.”

अयं-This, भीमः-Bheema, शिरसा-by bending his head, अञ्चति-offers his salutations, This Bheema by whom , अशेषाः-all, कौरव्यः-kauravas, चूर्णिताः-killed, असृजा – by the blood ,दुःशासन- of dussasana, क्षीबः- intoxicated, सुयोधनस्य-of Duriyodhana, ऊर्वि-thighs, भङ्क्ता-will break.

Bheema could not have saluted the old couple in a more insulting manner. He was uncontrollably intoxicated. He believed that the arrogance of Duriyodhana manifested because of his father’s kingship. Moreover, the wicked deeds of Duriyodhana was so high to overpower the patience of any man with self respect.

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