श्लोकोऽयं मह्यं रोचते – 50


चुलुकिततमः सिन्धोर्भृङ्गैः करादिव शुभ्यते

नभसि बिसिनीबन्धोरन्ध्रच्युतैरुदबिन्दुभिः ।


दनुपदमदःपङ्काशङ्काममी मम तन्वते ॥

culukitatamaù sidhorbåìgaiù karädiva çubhyate

nabhasi bisinibandhorandhracyutairudabindubhiù


danupadamadaùpaìkaçaìkämamé mama tanvate

The above verse is from the 19th canto of naishadiya charitam of sri Harsha.

In the above verse the poet says “the bees shine in the sky like water drops falling from the sky. Then by clinging to the two sides of the nectar dripping from the lotus, the bees give me an impression of mosses floating on top of an ocean”.

Sun heats the water from the ocean and showers it as rain. Here, The poet describes that the sun drinks the ocean of darkness through his palm and showers as water drops through the space between his fingers and metamorphically compares the bees on the sky to the water drops.

Sun चुलुकित-drank, तमः- the darkness, सिन्धोः- of the ocean, करात्- through his palm, बिसिनीबन्धोः- sun (बिसिनी-lotus, बन्धोः- friend),रन्ध्र- space between the fingers, च्युतैः- dropped, उदबिन्दुभिः- water drops, इव- like, भृङ्गाः-the bees, नभसि- in the sky, शुभ्यते- shine

अनुपदं- after this, शतदल- lotus (शत- hundred, दल – petals; the flower with hundred petals) ,मधुस्रोतः- the flow of nectar, कच्छद्वयी- both the sides, परिरम्भणात्- clinging, अमी- these bees, पङ्कशङ्कां मम तन्वते - give me the impression that they are the mosses.

The sun rises destroying the darkness, the bees come out of their nest and proceed towards the lotuses to relish the nectar. This is a very normal scenario. But the secret of the magic spell present in the words of a poet can change a normal scenario into a commendable description.


Aarathi Sankaran said...

Why does Sriharsha make it difficult for us to understand and appreciate poetry??? Thanks for the supreme effort you take to cull out slokas from such a difficult text as Naishadha and present in a simplified manner.

gayathri giridhar said...

thanks aarathi for the motivating comment.