Saastram speaks -22

यथा खनन् खनित्रेण नरो वार्यधिगच्छति।
तथा गुरुगतां विद्यां शुश्रूषुरधिगच्छति

A man digs the ground with a spade obtains water, Likewise a student obtains the knowledge which lies hidden in his teacher by doing service to him.

यथा- As , नरो- A man , खनित्रेण- by a spade , खनन् - digs , वार्यधिगच्छति – obtains water . तथा – Like wise , A student , गुरुगतां- in the preceptor , विद्यां- knowledge , शुश्रू षुः – by doing service, अधिगच्छति- gets.


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