श्लोकोऽयं मह्यं रोचते – 49


चीयते बालिशस्यापि सत्क्षेत्रपतिता कृषिः।

न शालेः स्तम्बकरिता वप्तुर्गुणमपेक्षते ॥

The above sloka is from the drama ‘mudraa raksasam’ of ‘vishaakhadatta’.

The context here is:- The sUtradhAra or the stage manager enters the stage to begin the drama with the above verse.

In the above verse the author compares himself to a farmer. He says a seed will be sprouted automatically if sown in the correct field. It does not matter whether the farmer is an expert or a novice. The abundant and luxuriant growth of rice does not depend on the quality of the farmer.

Likewise, the author compares himself to an ordinary farmer and the work written by him is compared to the seeds and the stage where the drama was going to be played as the correct field due to the extinguished audience. Hence, the author concludes with complete modesty that in the midst of scholars even a normal drama becomes successful irrespective of the author.

बालिशस्यापि- though an amateur , सत्क्षेत्रपतिता- correct field, कृषिः- seed (the word कृषिः means ploughing but secondarily the word conveys seed, चीयते- grows , शालेः- of the rice, स्तम्बकरिता- abundant growth , - does not, वप्तुर्गुणमपेक्षते- depends the quality of the sower.

MudrA rAksasam is a political drama and deals with the story of chanakya uprooting the nanda dynasty and coronating chandragupta as the king. Though the poet Vishakadhatta cannot be compared to kAlidAsa or BhAravi but many verses and dialogues are really commendable.

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