शास्त्रं वदति -33

Saastram speaks – 33

प्रियो भवति दानेन प्रियवादेन चापरः ।

मन्त्रं मूलबलेनान्यो यः प्रियः प्रिय एव सः ॥

priyo bhavati dänena priyavädena cäparaù

mantram moolabalenänyo yaù priyaù priya eva saù

In this world, people remain dear to us either by receiving gifts or by our pleasing words and can also make them dear to us by the force of ritual recitation of verbal charm or spell. But people who genuinely like us will always be close to us.

दानेन- by gifts, प्रियो भवति- are close, च - and, प्रियवादेन- by pleasing words, अपरः-Others, मन्त्रं मूलबलेन – by the magic spell, अन्यः - others, यः प्रियः one who is close, प्रिय एव सः – will always be close.

We can relate ourselves to each and every verse of the text vidura neeti


Rama said...

Well written. I am reading a book called "A monk who sold his ferrari". Quoting from it: "we might not be able to control the weather or the traffic or the moods of all those around us. But , we most certainlycan control our attitude towards those events". This book is kind of changing me :))

Madras Tayirsaadam said...

HariH OM!

I am following with interest the ongoing discussions in BVParishad forum on google groups about 'Organ Donation' like kidney daanam, eye daanam, etc.

I would like you to give quotes from our shaastraas for/against organ donation.