Saastram speaks – 32

यान्ति न्यायप्रवृत्तस्य तिर्यङ्कोऽपि सहायताम् ।

अपन्थानं तु गच्छन्तं सोदरोऽपि विमुञ्चति ॥

yänti nyäyapravåtasya tiryaìkopi sahäyatäm

apanthänam tu gacchantam sodaropi vimuïcati

If a person walks in the path of dharma even the animals would support him. But if he adopts the path of adharma, then his own brothers will desert him.

न्यायप्रवृत्तस्य- One who walks in the path of dharma or righteousness, तिर्यङ्कोऽपि- even the animals, (This word refers to animals as they go horizontally).

सहायताम् यान्ति – go for help , अपन्थानं तु- in the adharma way, गच्छन्तं- goes, सोदरोऽपि- even his own brothers, विमुञ्चति- leave.

The story of rämäyaëa will be the correct example for the above verse.Räma followed the path of virtue, hence the monkeys helped him. rävaëa adopted the wrong path so he lost the support of his own brother.

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