शास्त्रं वदति-30

Saatram speaks- 30

एकः क्षमावतां दोषो द्वितीयो नोपलभ्यते ।

यदेनं क्षमया युक्तमशक्तं मन्यते जनः ॥ (47)

ekaù kçamavatäm doñaù dvitéyo nopalabhyate

yadenam kçamayä yuktam açaktam manyate janaù

The above verse is from ‘vidura neeti’

There is only one defect in forgiving persons—‘the quality of forgiveness present in them is wrongly assumed as incapability by others’.

क्षमवतां- a person who is of a forgivable nature, एकः- only one, दोषो- defect , द्वितीयो-second , नोपलभ्यते- is not to be seen, क्षमया युक्तं - with the quality of forgiveness , एनं- him, अशक्तं- incapable , मन्यते-assume, जनः people


But, great men never bother or even consider the words of those inferior men. As they very well know that the ‘positives outweigh the negatives’.

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Good to know something new in sanskrit.. Well said and well written explanation akka :)) Keep up the good work. Am sure some of us can definitely relate to this nice saying..