श्लोकोऽयं मह्यं रोचते – 56

छिन्नमप्यतनु हारमण्डलं मुग्धया सुरतलास्यकेलिभिः ।
न व्यतर्किं सुदृशा चिरादपि स्वेदबिन्दुकितवक्षसा हृदि ॥ (18, 107)

The above sloka is from the eighteenth canto of sri Harsha’s ‘naishadiya charitam’.

The eighteenth canto starts with a description of nala’s palace but the main portion of this canto describes the love sport between Nala and Damayanti. The above verse is one from the same canto where the intimacy between the couple has been poetically fancied by the poet sri Harsha

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