Saastram speaks -27

न तेन वृद्धो भवति येनास्य पलितं शिरः ।

यो वै युवा-अप्यधीयानस् तं देवाः स्थविरं विदुः ॥

na tena våddho yenäsya palitam çiraù

yo vai yuvä- apyadhéyänas tam deväù sthaviram viduù

A man is not honoured just because his head is grey. Though young if he has learnt the scriptures then the gods consider him as an honourable person.

न- not, तेन- by that, वृद्धो- old , भवति- becomes, येनास्य- by which, पलितं-grey, शिरः- head, यो वै- who, युवा अपि – though young , अधीयानः – learned (learnt the Vedas) , देवाः- the gods , तं- him , स्थविरं- aged, विदुः- know or consider.

There is a term called ज्ञानवृद्धः’ in Sanskrit. Though a person is young by age but given due respect due to the depth of knowledge.


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