ज्वलतु जलधि-क्रोड-क्रीडत्कृपीडभव-प्रभा-प्रतिभट-पटु-ज्वालामालाकुलो जठरानलः।
तृणमपि वयं सायं संफुल्लमल्लिमतल्लिका परिमलमुचा वाचा याचामहे न महीश्वरान्॥ 
जठरानलः=Jataragni, जलधिक्रोड=in the middle of the ocean, क्रीडत् = playing, कृपीडभव=vatavamukagni, प्रभा= lusture, प्रतिभट=opposite side, पटुज्वाला=flames, माला आकुलः=like a row, ज्वलतु= let burn, वयं सायं= we in the evening संफुल्ल=well bloomed, मल्लि मतल्लिका=jasmine, परिमलमुचा=with good fragrants, वाचा=words, महीश्वरान्=kings, तृणमपि=even a grass, न= never,याचामहे=beg.

There is a fire called “vatava mukaagni”( fire in the form of a horse face) in the middle of an ocean, which evaporates the water, thereby preventing it from flooding the earth. Similarly, there is a fire that burns the food in our stomach and we need to eat to feed that fire. The poet says, 'let the Jataraagni burn with many flames. Even then we will never beg, even a piece of grass, from a king. The words that praise the lord are fragrant like evening jasmine.


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