वैराग्यपञ्चकम् - 4

दुरीश्वरद्वार बहिर्वितर्दिका दुरासिकायै रचितोऽयमञ्जलिः।
यदञ्जनाभं निरपायमस्ति मे धनञ्जयस्यन्दनभूषणं धनम्॥
यत् =why, अभञ्जन आभम् = the colour of collyrium निरपायम् =everlasting,धनञ्जय =of arjuna,स्यन्दन भूषणम् =adorned the chariot ,धनम् =wealth, दुरीश्वर= petty kings, द्वार =door, बहिर्वितर्दिका =front yard,(tatio)porch. दुरासिकायै =sitting on अयम् अञ्जलिः=this folded hand, रचितः=written.

Let my salutaion be to the cheap act of sitting on the porch of petty kings. I have that wealth which is dark like the collyrium,which is inexhustible and which adorned the chariot of arjuna.

The wealth that Desika talks of is Lord Krishna / Narayana who resides in the mind of the poet. He would rather stand at the doorstep of vaikuntha than that of kings.

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