श्रीमद्भागवतपुराणकथाः - प्रह्लादस्तुतिः - ३

नैवात्मनः प्रभुरयं निजलाभपूर्णो मानं जनादविदुषः करुणो वृणीते ।
यद्यद् जनो भगवते विदधीत मानं तच्चात्मने प्रतिमुखस्य यथा मुखश्रीः ॥7.9.11
अयं प्रभुः — this Lord
निजलाभपूर्णः — is always satisfied in Himself
करुणः —Who is so kind to the foolish, ignorant person
वृणीते — accepts
मानम् — respect
जनात् — from a person
अविदुषः — who does not know ( that the aim of life is to please the Supreme Lord)
नैव आत्मनः — not for His personal benefit
यत् यत् — whatever
जनः a person
भगवते — unto the Supreme Personality of Godhead
विदधीत — may offer
मानं — worship
तत् — that indeed
आत्मने —is for his own benefit
यथा — just as
मुखश्रीः— the decoration of the face.
प्रतिमुखस्य — (shows up as )the reflection of the face in the mirror
Indeed, the Supreme benevolent God accepts the worship of his devotee for the devotee's own benefit as He does not require any thing from anybody.  Just as a beautiful decorated face in turn shows up a beautiful decorated reflection so also, devotion unto the Lord reflects itself as His manifold blessings.  

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