श्रीमद्भागवतपुराणकथाः - प्रह्लादस्तुतिः - २

मन्ये धनाभिजनरूपतपःश्रुतौजस्तेजःप्रभावबलपौरुषबुद्धियोगाः ।
नाराधनाय हि भवन्ति परस्य पुंसो भक्त्या तुतोष भगवान् गजयूथपाय ॥7.9.9
मन्ये I think
धन— riches
अभिजन— aristocratic family
रूप— personal beauty
तपः— austerity
श्रुत— knowledge from studying the Vedas
ओज: — sensory prowess
तेजः— bodily effulgence
प्रभाव— influence
बल— bodily strength
पौरुष— diligence
बुद्धि— intelligence
योगाः — mystic power
नाराधनाय भवन्ति — are not for satisfying
परस्य पुंसो — Supreme Personality of Godhead
हि — indeed
भगवान् — the Supreme Personality of Godhead
तुतोष — was satisfied
भक्त्या — simply by devotional service
गजयूथपाय— unto the King of elephants (Gajendra).
Indeed, one's education, beauty and other superficial 'qualifications' would not please the Supreme Being.  Is not the Lord endowed with all glory, so  would He be stunned by the presence of but a fraction of these?  Only when arrogance on possessing beauty, strength etc take a back seat and  sincere devotion and love surface, does he/she become endearing to the Lord.

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