श्रीमद्भागवतपुराणकथाः - प्रह्लादस्तुतिः - ४

बालस्य नेह शरणं पितरौ नृसिंह नार्तस्य चागदमुदन्वति मज्जतो नौः ।
तप्तस्य तत्प्रतिविधिर्य इहाञ्जसेष्ठस्तावद् विभो तनुभृतां त्वदुपेक्षितानाम् ॥7.9.19
नृसिंह O my Lord Nṛsiḿha
न इह शरणं पितरौ — the father and mother are not shelter (protection) in this world
बालस्य — of a little child
— nor
अगदं — medicine
उदन्वति in the water of the ocean
आर्तस्य च — of a person suffering from some disease
नौः — the boat
मज्जतः — of a person who is drowning
तप्तस्य of a person suffering from a condition of material misery
तत्प्रतिविधिः— the counteraction (invented for stopping the suffering of material existence)
यः इष्टः that which is accepted (as a remedy)
इह in this material world
अञ्जसा — very easily
तावत् — similarly
विभो O my Lord, O Supreme
तनुभृताम् — of the living entities who have accepted material bodies
त्वत्-उपेक्षितानाम् — who are neglected by You and not accepted by You.
For those who are neglected by the Lord, there is indeed no refuge.  Their remedy may be temporarily beneficial but certainly of an impermanent nature.  For the parents cannot protect the child, a doctor or medicine cannot save the sick nor can a boat save the drowning man.   

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