चक्षुर्विमोहयति चन्द्रविभूषणस्य कामाक्षि तावककटाक्षतमःप्ररोहः ।
प्रत्यङ्मुखं तु नयनं स्तिमितं मुनीनां प्राकाश्यमेव नयतीति परं विचित्रम् ॥

The above is the fifty ninth verse in the kataaksha satakam of mooka pancha sati of mUka kavi.

O! mother kAmakshi, the beauty of your katAksha or eye sight, dims the eye sight of the lord who has the moon on his head and who is enchanted by your grace. Oh Devi! , It is really surprising that the same eye sight of yours removes the ignorance in the form of darkness present in the minds of the rishis and munis and directs them in the path of liberation or moksa.

कामाक्षि- O Devi kAmAkshi, तावक - your, कटाक्ष- eye sight, तमःप्ररोहः- which is black and emits the darkness , विमोहयति – fascinates or dims, चक्षुः – eyesight , चन्द्रविभूषणस्य- Lord siva who has the moon on his head.

स्तिमितं- closed , प्रत्यङ्मुखं मुनीनां-rishis who always think about the inner self and meditate upon the goddess, नयनं तु – the eyes , नयतीति- leads them in the path of , प्राकाश्यमेव – brightness in the form of moksa or liberation , परं विचित्रम् - It is really surprising.

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  1. आनन्‍द पाण्‍डेय said...
    बहु आनन्‍दं प्राप्‍तं भवत: ब्‍लाग-उपरि आगत्‍य। एवमेव संस्‍कृतस्‍य सेवार्थं निरता: भवन्‍तु।।

    कदाचित् समय: निष्‍कास्‍य मम ब्‍लाग उपरि अपि आगच्‍छतु।

    अत्र सम्‍पूर्णं संस्‍कृते एव प्राप्‍स्‍यते भवता।

    इति मम ब्‍लागसंकेतमस्ति


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