श्लोकोऽयं मह्यं रोचते – 45

घोणोन्नतं मुखमपाङ्गविशालनेत्रं नैतद्धि भाजनमकारणदूषणानाम् ।
नागेषु गोषु तुरगेषु तथा नरेषु नह्याकृतिः सुसदृशं विजहाति वृत्तम् ॥

The above is the sixteenth sloka from the ninth act of sudraka’s mrchchakatikam.

The context here is: Charudatta was wrongly implicated for the murder of Vasantasena.

At this context the judge says the following….

“Faces with huge nose, large eyes stretching till the ears are less likely to commit crimes. Animals which belong to the above category are elephants, cows, buffalos and horses.
The author expresses that the murder of vasantasena cannot be committed by charudatta who ascribes to the above features".
Face reflects one's mind.

घोणोन्नतम्- Huge nose, अपाङ्गविशालनेत्रम् – eyes stretching till the ears, एतत् मुखम् – a face with above said features, अकारणदूषणानाम्- committing sin without a reason, भाजनम् न हि – is not fit to do a mistake, तथा- as, नागेषु- among elephants,गोषु- cows, तुरगेषु- horses and , नरेषु –men, सुसदृशं- according to, आकृतिः – one’s form, वृत्तम्- behaviour, न-do not, विजहाति- leave .

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