Saastram speaks – 19

श्राद्धं पितृभ्यो न ददाति दैवतानि नार्चति।
सुहृन्मित्रं न लभते तमाहुर्मूढचेतसम् ।। 35

The above verse is from vidura nIti.

A person who does not perform the shraaddha karma for the ancestors, who does not worship the gods, does not possess noble minded friends is said to be a foolish person.

पितृभ्यो – To the ancestors, श्राद्धं - shraaddha , न ददाति – does not give , दैवतानि – the gods , नार्चति – does not worship , न लभते – does not have , सुहृन्मित्रं – good friends, तम् – he is , मूढचेतसम्- foolish minded , आहुः – is called.


  1. shakuni said...
    nice! i read a few other entries and liked them, too. do continue writing.
    ramu said...

    Nice One. Very much appreciate. I do not know much Sanskrit grammer except reading,but still I can little understand.

    I saw the heading Narayaneeyam and hence writing. Do you have Narayaneeyam (devnagari font or any other language) in digital format which can be converted to Malayalam, so that I can type out meanings to it in Malayalam from a very old commentary, for online posting. Please reply

    PRG said...
    ramu sir,
    you can visit the site given below to view the complete naarayaneeyam in devanagari script with english meaning.

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