गजभुजङ्गविहङ्गमबन्धनं शशिदिवाकरयोर्ग्रहपीडनम्।
मतिमतां च विलोक्य दरिद्रतां विधिरहो बलवानिति मे मतिः ।।

The above sloka is from Bhartrhari’s nIti satakam.

Seeing the bondage of elephants, of serpents and of birds, the affliction of the sun and the moon by the planets (Rahu and ketu) and the poverty of the intelligent men- my belief is that fate is powerful.

गज- elephant , भुजङ्ग – serpent , विहङ्गम – bird ,बन्धनं – bondage, शशि- of the moon, दिवाकरयोः – of the sun, ग्रहपीडनम् – afflicted by the planets, च - and , मतिमतां – of the intelligent people, दरिद्रतां – poverty, विलोक्य –seeing-, मे मतिः – my belief is , विधिः – fate is, बलवानिति – powerful.


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