श्लोकोऽयं मह्यं रोचते – 31


खेलतां मनसि खेचराङ्गना-माननीय-मृदुवेणुनिस्वनैः ।
कानने किमपि नः कृपास्पदं कालमेघ-कलहोद्वहं महः ।। (3, 80)

The above sloka is from the third chapter of the text 'sri Krishna karnaAmrtam' of 'sri Leelasuka'.

Lord Krishna, with the melody of his flute, who is worshipped by the damsels, who is dark in colour like the clouds, who is the embodiment of compassion, whose form is unique and cannot be compared, play in our minds.

खेचराङ्गना – The damsels who are wandering in the sky, माननीय – worshipped by them, मृदु- melodious, वेणुनिस्वनैः- tune of the flute, कालमेघ-dark clouds, कलहोद्वहं – whose colour is compared to the colour of the clouds, कृपास्पदं- an embodiment of compassion, किमपि महः- a supreme entity, नः- in our, मनसि- mind , खेलताम् – play.

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