Pronunciation (उच्चारणम्) - podcast 01

भारते भाष्यमाणानां भाषाणां वैविध्यहेतोः संस्कृतोच्चारणे काश्चन समस्याः वर्तन्ते। ताः प्रति संस्कृतसूच्यां श्रीधनञ्जयवैद्यवर्येण लिखितमासीत्। उच्चारणविषये लेखनापेक्षया भाषणमुचितमिति मनसिकृत्य धनञ्जयवर्येण कृतं पोड्कास्ट् अद्य प्रभृति आरभ्यते।

In Bharata we find many differences in samskrta pronunciation nationwide. Some of them have been discussed on the Sanskrit mailing list. Pronunciation is better understand when spoken than written. With this in mind, we have invited Shri Dhananjay Vaidya to do a series of podcasts addressing some of the issues.

A small intro about him in his own words -

Dhananjay Vaidya

"Although my profession by training is biomedical research, I have an amateur interest in Sanskrit grammar.
In my first podcast, I make the case that generally Sanskrit was taught from father to son. But in my own case, it was my mother's teaching. Under her tutelage I took a few introductory Sanskrit examinations as a child. Though I could not get their detailed guidance, two teachers pointed me the way when I began with Panini's grammar: Tengse Guruji, the chief of the Vaidik Pathashala at Kavle, Goa, and Acharya V. B. Bhagvat, the head of the Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth, Pune, Maharashtra. Anything I know rightly is because these teachers put me on the correct path. All errors in my understanding come from faulty self-study of the texts."

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