श्लोकोऽयं मह्यं रोचते - 30

खद्योतो द्योतते तावत् यावत् न उद्यते शशिः।
उदिते तु सहस्रांशे न खद्योतो न चन्द्रमाः॥

khadyoto dyotate yāvat tāvat na udyate śaśiḥ
udite tu sahasrāṁśe na khadyoto na candramāḥ

A fire-fly shines as long as the moon does not rise. When the thousand-rayed sun rises, there is neither fire-fly nor moon. As long as a superior being is unknown, the lesser effulgent being enjoys attention.

There is a proverb in tamil "ஆலில்லா ஊறுக்கு இருப்பைபப்பூ சர்க்கரை" "In the country where there is no sugarcane, the mahua flower is sugar".

श्लोकस्य मूलम्

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SLEZ said...

In 14 th Chapter in Bhagavadgita, it is well said that all three GuNas - Sattvam, Rajas, Tamas, are always there. From time to time, in one's behaviour one GuNa overwhelms the other two.

रजस्तमश्चाभिभूय सत्त्वं भवति भारत |
रजः सत्त्वं तमश्चैव तमः सत्त्वं रजस्तथा ||१४-१०||

Satva establishes by overwhelming Rajas and Tamas. Likewise, Rajas establishes by overwhelming Satva and Tamas, and Tamah by overwhelming Satva and Rajas.

It is then up to us to check which one should prevail !!!