वैराग्यशतकम् - विषयत्यागः - 15

भिक्षाशनं तदपि नीरसमेकवारं
शय्या च भूः परिजनो निजदेहमात्रम्।
वस्त्रं विशीर्ण शतखण्डमयी च कन्था
हा हा तथापि विषया न परित्यजन्ति॥१५॥

bhikṣāśanaṁ tadapi nīrasamekavāraṁ
śayyā ca bhūḥ parijano nijadehamātram|
vastraṁ viśīrṇa śatakhaṇḍamayī ca kanthā
hā hā tathāpi viṣayā na parityajanti||15||

भिक्षाशनं – eating alms
तदपि – that too
नीरसमेकवारं – once without any taste
शय्या च भूः – the earth is bed
परिजनो – attendant is
निजदेहमात्रम् – his own body
वस्त्रं विशीर्ण – cloth is ragged
शतखण्डमयी च कन्था – and made up of hundreds of pieces
हा हा तथापि – Alas! Even then
विषया – material pleasures
न परित्यजन्ति – do not forsake

Food is got from begging and that too is tasteless and only once a day. The earth is the bed and one’s own body is one’s attendant. One may wear a ragged worn out cloth with a hundred patches; yet, alas! The desires do not leave me.

When one takes up the difficult practice of sannyAsa, there are strenuous practices that has to be followed. The body may get accustomed to all this; yet, forsaking material pleasures is the most difficult of all. Removing the desire from the mind is the toughest of all.

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