श्लोकोऽयं मह्यं रोचते -27

कस्त्वं कोऽहं कुत आयातः का मे जननी को मे तातः ।
इति परिभावय सर्वमसारं विश्वं त्यक्त्वा स्वप्नविचारम् ।।

kastvaṁ ka'haṁ kuta āyātaḥ kā me jananī ko me tātaḥ|
iti paribhāvaya sarvamasāraṁ viśvaṁ tyaktvā svapnavicāram||

The above verse is from Adi sankara’s bhajagovindam.

Who are you? Who am I? From where did I come? Who is my mother? Who is my father? You enquire, renouncing the entire world of experiences which is essenceless and also a mere dream born out of imagination.

त्वं कः- who are you?, अहं कः – who am I, कुतः आयातः – From where did I come , मे जननी का- who is my mother?, मे तातः कः – who is my father?, असारं -essenceless, स्वप्नविचारं – born out of imagination, सर्वं- the entire, विश्वं - world, त्यक्त्वा - leaving, इति परिभावय- enquire.

The above sloka beautifully explains that how an individual should dismiss the thoughts from the worldly objects and also from the haunting passions of senses from the mind and turn the mind towards the enquiry of the inner self. Such continuous queries reveal the uncertainity of the world and the false pride of life we live in.

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