Saastram speaks -17

सा सभा यत्र न सन्ति वृद्धाः न ते वृद्धाः ये न वदन्ति धर्मम्।
नासौ धर्मो यत्र न सत्यमस्ति न तत्सत्यं यच्छलेनानुविद्धम् ।।

na sā sabha yatra na santi vṛddhāḥ na te vṛddhāḥ ye na vadanti dharmam|
nāsau dharmo yatra na satyamasti na tatsatyaṁ yacchalenānuviddham||

The above sloka is from vidura nIti.

That is not an assembly where there are no old men, and they are not old who do not declare the virtues or mortality, those are not virtues which are separated from the truth, that is not the truth which is loaded with deceit.

यत्र – where ,न सन्ति – are no, वृद्धाः – old people, सा – that ,न सभा – is not a court, ये – those, न वदन्ति- do not say, धर्मं – the virtues , ते – they, न वृद्धाः – not old people, यत्र – where, सत्यं – truth, न अस्ति – is not there, न असौ धर्मः – those are not the virtues, तत्- that is, न सत्यं – not the truth, यत्- which is, छलेन – with deceit , अनुविद्धम्- filled.


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