श्लोकोऽयं मह्यं रोचते – 60


जितरोषरया महाधियः सपदि क्रोधजितो लघुर्जनः ।

विजितेन जितस्य दुर्मतेर्मतिमद्भिः सह का विरोधिता॥ (16, 26)

jitaroñarayä mahädhiyaù sapadi krodhajito lagurjanaù

vijitena jitasya durmatermatimadbhiù saha kä virodhitä

पण्डितः स्वज्ञानेन अथवा पाण्डित्येन सर्वान् जयति। परन्तु गर्वेणालम्बितः मूर्खः प्रथमं स्वक्रोधेन जितः भवति परं रिपुणापि। एवं स्थितस्य मूर्खस्य मतिमद्भिः पण्डितैः सह का स्पर्धा भवेत्। मूर्खपण्डितयोः मैत्रीव स्पर्धापि न संगता इत्यर्थः ।

The above verse is from the 16th canto of mägha’s çiçupälavadham.

The plot of this mahäkävyam is taken from the sabhä parva of the epic mahäbhäratam.

The story of this kävyam is: Lord Krishna was given the prime respect during the räja süya yagnya performed by King yudhiñöra. çiçupäla, who was also present in the court, was unable to accept the way in which Lord Krishna was worshipped and regarded by the paandavas. So, He at the outburst of his anger started abusing çri kriñëa. Finally, Kriñëa, who was patiently listening to him, killed him with the sudarçana cakram.

In this canto, çiçupäla sent a messenger who spoke insulting words addressing lord Krishna. But çri kriñëa did not react for any situation.

At this context the poet mägha gives a general statement that “an intelligent person always controls his anger and wins over it. But a foolish man is always controlled by anger and is defeated by anger at every stage. Hence, it is impossible to even conceive a friendship or enmity between the learned and the ignorant.”

Poet mägha further says that not only friendship even enmity can never exist between Lord çri kriñëa and çiçupäla.

महाधियः- Intelligent or a great person, जितः - win, रोषरया- by anger (Great men faces the force of anger and win over it) , लघुर्जनः - an ignorant person , सपदि – immediately , क्रोधजितो- loses himself to anger, विजितेन- An ignorant who is won by anger , जितस्यदुर्मतेः –an ignorant who is a looser, मतिमद्भिः सह –with an intelligent person , का विरोधिता where is the enmity?

An Epitome of virtue and an embodiment of vice can there ever be a meaningful conversation?

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