श्लोकोऽयं मह्यं रोचते – 59


जाने विसृष्टां प्रणिधानतस्त्वां मिथ्यापवादक्षुभितेन भर्त्रा ।

तन्मा व्यथिष्ठा विषयान्तरस्थं प्राप्तासि वैदेहि पितुर्निकेतम् ॥ (14, 72)

jäne visåñöäm praëidhänatastväm mithyäpaväda kñubhitena bharträ

tanmä vyathiñöhä viñayäntarastham präptäsi vaidehi piturniketam

The above sloka is from ‘Raghu vamsam’ of kaalidaasa.

The context here is : After the fourteen years exile Rama returns to the kingdom along with lakshmana and Sita and adorns the throne. One day Rama hears a scandal about Sita. Later on, she was abandoned near vaalmiki’s hermitage by Lakshmana, as directed by Raama.

Seeing Sita at the midst of the forest sage Vaalmiki says the following words- ‘ I know by the power of my meditation that you have been abandoned by your husband who is agitated by the false slander. Oh! Vaidehi do not be disturbed by any worries, you have come to the house of the father situated in another country.

त्वां- you, मिथ्या- false, अपवाद- blame, क्षुभितेन- agitated, भर्त्रा- by the husband, विसृष्टां- abondeoned, प्रणिधानतः by his holy powers, जाने- I know, वैदेहि- O! Vaidehi,तत् मा व्यथिष्ठाः- do not be upset, विषयान्तरस्थं- in another place, पितुः – father’s निकेतं- house, प्राप्ता असि- have reached.

Firstly, Sage Vaalmiki tells Sita not to worry herself. As for her, he is in the same position as janaka. Sita can consider his abode as janaka’s abode itself, the only difference being that it was situated in a different country.

भर्त्रोपेक्षितानां पितृगृहवास एव उचित इति भावः Father’s abode will be the safest place for a lady who was abandoned by her husband.

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