शास्त्रं वदति – 25

शास्त्रं वदति – 25

आत्मानाम गुरोर्नाम नामातिकृपणस्य च ।

श्रेयस्कामो न गृह्णीयात्ज्येष्ठापत्यकलत्रयोः ॥

ätmänäma gurornäma nämätikåpaëasya ca

çreyaskämo na gåëéyät jyeñöhäpatya kalatrayoù

आत्मानाम – name of the self, गुरोर्नाम – name of the guru or preceptor, नामातिकृपणस्य – name of a stingy person, श्रेयस्कामो – who is desirous of his prosperity, ज्योष्ठापत्यः – the first born, कलत्रयोः – of the spouse, न गृह्णीयात् –does not say or utter .

One who is desirous of his prosperity should not utter his own name, the name of his preceptor, name of a stingy person, name of the first born, name of the spouse.

P.S. आत्मानामätmänäma , (A person should not utter his name) This may be quite weird, as the question arises that how an individual survive without uttering his own name ?

Probably it could be like this: A person has two other names apart from the colloquial name. Between the two names he utters the ‘sarman’ name while doing the ‘abhivaadye’. And as a gesture, during ‘abhivaadaye’, he closes his ears, so that he will not hear his own name.

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