श्लोकोऽयं मह्यं रोचते – 38

गूढोऽपि वपुषा राजन् धाम्ना लोकाभिभाविना ।
अंशुमानिव तन्वभ्रपटलच्छन्नविग्रहः ॥ (11, 6)

güòopi vapuñä räjan dhämnä lokäbhibhävinä

amçumäniva tanvabhrapatalachannavigrahaù

The above sloka is from BhAravi’s kirAtArjunIyam.

kirAtArjunIyam is one among the pancha mahakAvyams in Sanskrit. The plot of the kAvyam is taken from mahabharatha. The story deals with arjuna doing the penance to acquire the paashupatha astra from lord shiva. And lord shiva comes in the guise of a kiraata or hunter and gives the weapon to arjuna.

The present context is Indra pleased by the penance of arjuna meets him in the guise of a Brahmin. Here, the poet compares the brightness of the sun with the valor of Indra. Just as it is impossible for the clouds to cover the powerful rays of the sun similarly though Indra comes in the guise of a Brahmin his valor is clearly visible.

Indra, वपुषा- by his body, गूढोऽपि- though in a disguised form, तन्वभ्रपटलच्छन्नविग्रहः – covered by the clouds (तनु - thin, अभ्र- cloud, पटलच्छन्न-covered by the mass, विग्रहः-form) अंशुमान् इव – like the sun, धाम्ना – by the powerful rays, लोकाभिभाविना- widely spread all over the world.

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