शास्त्रं वदति -20

saastram speaks -20

यथा काष्ठमयो हस्ती यथा चर्ममयो मृगः ।
यः च विप्रो अनधीयानः त्रयः ते नाम बिभ्रति ॥ (2. 157)

yatä käñöa mayo hasté yatä carmamayo mrgaù

yaù ca vipro anadhéyänaù trayaù te näma bibhrati

The above sloka is from manu smrti.

An elephant made of wood, a deer made of leather and a Brahmin who has not learned the scriptures, these three carry the names but not the substance.

यथा-Like a, काष्ठमयो – wooden, हस्ती- elephant, यथा-like a, मृगः- deer, चर्ममयो-made of leather, यः अनधीयानः – an unlearned, विप्रः-brahmin, त्रयः ते- those three, नाम-name, बिभ्रति-carry.

A person cannot proclaim himself as a brahmin just because he is born into it. He should perform the deeds that are prescribed to him.

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